Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back to Paris and Houilles

It was sad saying goodbye to Gildas and Virginie who have become two of my really close friends in France. They are both really special people and they took such good care of me. I loved teaching english to the French high school students.

Anyhow Jeremy greeted me with his usual positive and vibrant personality and straight away I met his new housemate Nicola and a whole heap of couchsurfers. Its always great to get back to Paris and knowing that I only have a weeks travel left makes it all the more special.

We sat around drinking some red wine and talking about our travel experiences and I met a couple of couchsurfers from mexico and also a german and french couchsurfer. I spent my first day walking around Paris and I agaian visited the Eiffel Tower and I walked beside the Sienne River which is beautiful. Paris is such a great city and a guy in the metro let me use it for free as he couldnt be bothered helping me to use the ticket machine. hahaha what a great guy.

I made my way by train to Houilles where Vincent, a mate collected me from the train station. He is such a great guy; I really appreciated him and Caroline hosting me as they were in the middle of moving into their new apartment. Anyhow my first day I spent looking around Houilles and I met their friends Julian and Emmaline who are such
great people. I also met Carolines father Thierry who is the most lovely person. It seems like a great city and it was so great to finally meet Clement. Wow what an amazing baby. So happy and playful and always giggling and smiling. Caroline and Vincent are so good with him. Those of you who know me well know I am not a baby person, but you look at Clement and he makes you want to have children as he is so adoreable. Yes I even held him for half an hour when I was with Emmaline and he is such a cute kid. I tried to help a bit with the move and I packed some boxes and also carried some into the new apartment. As most of you would know I hate manual work and I spent most of my time making Vincent and Julian laugh. Thanks heaps for the three days of fun. Also Thierry bought me a book showing photographs of all the little villages in France. Wow its such a good pressent and Vincent gave me some more french music.

Now to spend my last dayw with Jeremy and Nicolas who are both choked up with colds at the moment. So I went out and bought some fruit juice and fruit for them.

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