Friday, August 29, 2008


I would have to say that my journey to Akchour would be one of the highlights of my Moroccan journey. The rif mountains are just beautiful and the drive there was just amazing. It was good to spend my time with three great Morrocan guys.

I met three really nice Moroccan guys named Anas, Youssef and Tariq in the hotel I was staying in, and they are all really easy going. Anyhow they suggested going to Akchour which is a beautiful place in the Rif mountains. Hamza, another friend had told us how beautiful the mountains are.
The scenery was stunning and so beautiful.Anas was the driver and he did a really good job as we often stopped to take photos.
Upon our arrival, we trekked up to the waterfalls seeing these big monkeys climbing the rock faces along the way. We followed the track beside the stream and it was gorgeous. We had a young guide who was a bit quiet as the guys argued with him about a fair price.

Then after this we trekked to this bridge, which I think they call the Bridge of God. It was a steep climb and a hard slog but we did well to keep stopping to take in the breathtaking scenery along the way. We joked about a lot as we walked through the mountains.

Monday, August 25, 2008


The drive to Chefchaouen was so scenic with beautiful landscape. I met two really nice New Zealand girls on the bus who were both a bit sick and also a Moroccan family who kindly fed me and talked and smiled at me all the way there. I went to a hotel with the two new zealand girls but it was so crowded that I opted not to stay there.

The scenery we passed on the bus to Chefchaouen was really amazing. Morocco is a very beautiful country. What amazed me more was that all the passengers on the bus slept for the journey, and they missed the most brilliant scenery. It was mind blowing.

At first sight Chefchaoun looks very beautiful. Its a town in the North of Morocco that is surrounded by mountains. Very beautiful indeed. At first I had trouble finding a hotel and everyone came up offering me Marijuana. One guy gave ma a really hard time. Oh please, all I wanted to do was find a hotel to sleep in for the night.

Finally I found a cheap hotel, about ten aussie dollars a night and I went out to explore the city. Very beautiful indeed. I met Hamza, a young musician staying in the hotel and he is very friendly and also very talented on the guitar. He can play many spanish tunes and he is so talented. I promised him that I would send him some blues music from home.

All the streets and laneways are painted in blue and white. The Moroccan people here seem very chilled and everything is very relaxed. I met a lovely Italian couple named Silvia and Andreas who are travelling around Maroc on a motor bike. Very nice people.

In the hotel I also met a great Australian couple named Darren and Jessie. Very experienced young travellers who love surfing and love life. I so enjoyed listening to them and sharing travel stories. They are surfing their way around Moroc and it was so cool to meet them. They might visit me in Melbourne as they love the AFL football.

I also met Hamza, Youssef, Tariq and Anas in the hotel who are really very sincere and helpfull morocan guys. I also enjoyed climbing the hills with Tariq and Anne from France even if we did go the wrong way and also the hard way. The views of the city were amazing. Anne I still think those bees in the cafe were killer bees. Anne was amazed with how scared I was of the bees but I swear that they were as big as elephants.

Friday, August 22, 2008


I arrived in Fes and the first thing that hit me was the heat, memories of Marrakech. It was so so hot. Anyhow I walked from the railway station in search of a hotel and after about seven tries I finally found a hotel to stay in.

The hotel staff are very friendly. The hotel owner is named Mahamed and he is always smiling. Khaled is the guy who works in reception. Ask him any geographical question and he will astound you with his knowledge. I have enjoyed watching the Olympics with them and also chatting to them about Morocco.

The people in Fes are very friendly and staying in this hotel I have met many Moroccan people. The more I learn about Moroccans the more I see the warmth and friendliness of the people. I like the way the people here say welcome to our country and they are so nice in the way they speak.

I visited the medina and a local guy showed me around for a little while. The medina is cool as it is situated in tiny alley ways and it is great just walking up and down and getting lost in them. The people seem a little shy in Fes and havent got the aggression showed by the people in Marrakech. Below is a girl reading from the Keran and the King of Morocco, King Mahamed 6.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Once we arrived in Meknes I found out I was staying at Zeyneps with everyone. Zeynep is Saads grandfathers second wife and she is such a nice person and so funny. We sat around talking for ages and her house is very beautiful. We also met an elderly neighbour of Zeyneps.

What I loved was that Saad and Billal both listened and talked to her with respect and humour as she told them about her trip to Mecca. I like the way Moroccan people treat the elderly as they seem to enjoy being in their company. Its really beautiful to see.

Later on Zeynep made us couscous and it was so delicious. I have taken some photos of it as it looked and tasted so good. I like Zeyneps laugh very much and I like the way she gives Saad such a hard time in a fun way of course. I also love the way Billal and Saad give each other such a hard time in a friendly way and you can tell that they are very good friends.

Saad then took us for a guided tour around Meknes and he showed us the Royal Palace and we also watched a Moroccan wedding parade which was amazing to see. The city of Meknes is smaller than Rabat but is full of charm. The people are so friendly here and they smile when they talk with you. Its very beautiful.

I managed to buy Zeynep and Mina small gifts and I will buy Bilal and Saad an aussie present each when I get back to Australia.Later on we ate yet again. I cant believe I have met such amazing Moroccan people and my whole perception of the Moroccan way of mife has changed completely. Travel is all about meeting the locals and this is what I have managed to do in Morocco.
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rabat to Meknes

The following day Mina picked me up in her car with Bilal and Saad and they drove me to Meknes. The countryside we passed through in the 185 kilometre drive was very stunning and so so beautiful. Saad and Bilal were still giving Mina driving tips and still making me laugh.

As you can see the countryside is very beautiful. Its really stunning.