Friday, August 29, 2008


I would have to say that my journey to Akchour would be one of the highlights of my Moroccan journey. The rif mountains are just beautiful and the drive there was just amazing. It was good to spend my time with three great Morrocan guys.

I met three really nice Moroccan guys named Anas, Youssef and Tariq in the hotel I was staying in, and they are all really easy going. Anyhow they suggested going to Akchour which is a beautiful place in the Rif mountains. Hamza, another friend had told us how beautiful the mountains are.
The scenery was stunning and so beautiful.Anas was the driver and he did a really good job as we often stopped to take photos.
Upon our arrival, we trekked up to the waterfalls seeing these big monkeys climbing the rock faces along the way. We followed the track beside the stream and it was gorgeous. We had a young guide who was a bit quiet as the guys argued with him about a fair price.

Then after this we trekked to this bridge, which I think they call the Bridge of God. It was a steep climb and a hard slog but we did well to keep stopping to take in the breathtaking scenery along the way. We joked about a lot as we walked through the mountains.

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Romain et Christelle said...

Wow nice. I didn't know that marocco could have falls. It was kind of oasis? keep enjoying the country. and thanks for your blog, it makes us travelling too