Saturday, August 2, 2008


The Moroccan mint tea has been so great and I love sitting in the local cafes drinking the tea. It seems to be men only and you never see women alone drinking tea. I met Leah an aussie girl who told me that travelling by herself is really a hard thing to do in Morocco as the Moroccans cant understand why a western woman would do this.

This is a photograph I snapped on the way to Safi. The bus full of locals stopped and I snapped away. Its important not to take photos of the muslim women and I have a good zoom on my camera so its advantageous.

Okay here we go on the Moroccan keyboard again. I went back to Marrakech again and on the way back I sat next to this lovely french girl and we chatted all the way back. Later on we went out for dinner and we had a nice moroccan meal. Fabiana paid for me which was really nice of her. Then we walked around the square listening to music together. Marrakech put on its usual heat and energy and it was amazing to watch the snake charmers and also the local musicians.

I slept on the terrace as it is a lot cheaper and cooler to sleep under the stars. It costs about 4 aussie dollars a night, which is very cheap. In the morning I made my way to the bus station not knowing where I would travel too. How is that for spontaneous travel. Anyhow I decided on Safi as it is on the coast. The bus ride there was great and it was great to fuinally travel with all local people. I took many photographs along the way and I am hoping they turn out well.

I boked into a dodgy looking hotel and Im hoping all my belongings are safe. The hotel manager was friendly but the room isnt the best. Its cold showers for me for the next few days and its on a noisy street. Okay I am heading out now to see the sights so I will add more soon. A bientot my friends.

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