Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I travelled from Marrakech to Essaouira on the coast. It was about a four hour bus ride. I said goodbye to my Belgium friends and this local guy took me to a hotel.

Essaouira is a really beautiful city with many friendly people. The weather here is so much cooler as it is on the coast and the people seem to be very friendly. I booked into a really good hotel and I have a big double bed to myself.

I walked through the Medina and I had soup in a little Moroccan cafe with only locals. Very tasty and I like the way people smile at you all the time. I then went back to my hotel where I slept for twelve hours straight. For those of you back home, yes I still love sleeping.

The following morning I had breakfast in another small moroccan cafe and I enjoy very much eating with the locals. Its also so much nicer not to have tourists everywhere. I looked through the madina. I like this city very much as there isnt the same hard sell as in Marrakech. I also walked along the beach, which is very nice as well.

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Shahana said...

looks great. I didn't know that Morocco has also a city named Madina.