Friday, July 25, 2008

Paris to Morocco- Marrakech

This is my moroccan mate Amine from Casablanca who I first met when I arrived in Marrakech. He is a university student and is a really good person.

I always ate at a local cafe in Marrakech and I tried to get away from all the tourists. The guy in the middle is the chef and the older guy on the right was the waiter who could speak some english. He would always say welcome my friend how are you today.

Okay back to the beginning. My last two days in Paris were fantastic as William let me stay in his apartment again and I had these beautiful views of the eiffel tower. I always love France and I think apart from Melbourne and Buenos Aires, Paris is my favourite city. I have even started buying the local cheeses as I love these and even at Mehdis apartment he bought lots of cheese for me.

On the flight over to Morocco I sat next to a really lovely french family who were so friendly.
I found a cheap hotel in Marrakech and the first thing I noticed was the extreme heat. It is so so hot. It was 44c one day and it was just amazing. For some reason I have enjoyed the heat and the crowds.

I have found the people here to be really friendly and they are interested in finding out about me. Many people try to do tthis for money which is annoying but you also do get the genuine people. Already I have had a few offers of accomodation.

In the hotel I am staying in there has been a large group of french students and I have enjoyed talking to them. This guy Adrien does some excellent sketching and another student Benjamin is very musical. This guy Romain, is a really friendly guy who smiles all the time and he is interested in coming to Australia. So I hope my family is ready for another visitor in the coming years as he is such a good person. I like talking to him as he practises his english and he teaches me some french. The students are all really polite and its been great to meet them. I have been sleeping on the hotel roof or balcony as it is cheaper and the rooms get so so hot.

The ladies in the hotel always practise their english on me and I try out my french but even the french students dont understand my french so I am doing something wrong. A Moroccan guy named Bilal helped me to buy some more french music and his mother also offered me accomodation. Bilal is such a great guy. I also met Amine and Hasham who are locals and also university students.

I have enjoyed visiting the Souk and seeing the snake charmers and the Morokkan dancing. I love the orange juices they make in the big square and I have visited many little cafes outside of the tourist area where I have eaten with the moroccan people. The Moroccan food is beautiful and I love the tanger poullet and vegetable.

Marrakech is too touristic for me but it has a charm to it and I am chilling out a bit in the heat of the day. I have visited the gardens a few times and I love walking around the old town and through all the little lane ways. The drivers are maniacs and I have already nearly been knocked down sixteen times.

My last few days in Marrakech were fantastic and I met many great moroccan people as well as other travellers in the hotel I was staying in. My last night there a group of us went out for dinner and we walked around the square together listening to music.

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