Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Wow Strasbourg is such an amazing city. "Merci beaucoup chèrs amis pour votre aide et votre hospitalité! Vous etes tous des champions et bienvenue chez moi à ma Maison à Melbourne!!! Oui, c'était moi qui a écrit ces phrases!..."

From the moment of my arrival I have to say I was taken care of in Strasbourg. Eric collected me from the train station and then Jerome came around. I havent seen them since Darwin and it felt so great to see them again. We sataround talking and Eric cooked a nice dinner for us.

The next day Jerome showed me around the city and later in the day. We drank some beer in cafes and it was so nice to see the city with a friend. Jerome is such a great guy and really so so considerate and also a lot of fun to be with. Later on we met up with Thomas and his girlfriend Benedict who is very beautiful. We had some beers together and we talked about Australia as Thomas has just returned.

Jerome then drove me back to Erics where I met Frederique, Erics girlfriend. Wow what is it with french women as they are so beautiful. Frederique is so so friendly and I loved talking to her about travel. Eric is verz easy going andwe all had pizzas together.

The next morning Eric, Frederique, Jaja and I drove to a water hole and they went swimming. Then we drove to Eric and Jeromes home town of Schwindratzem, which I could say perfectly. I met Erics mama briefly and then we went on to Jeromes house which is really beautiful. We had a great dinner party at Jeromes and he cooked fondue for us. I think Thomas and Benedict helped him during the day.

Jerome is a special guy and so helpful. I really hope some day he stazs with me in Melbourne. It was good to see Pasquale and Jeremy and of course Thomas again as we shared many laughs in Darwin. The dinner party was sensational and Frederique got stuck talking to me in english all night....hahaha sorry Frederique. Later on I talked with Jerome for hours. He is so easy to chat with.

The next morning I helped Jerome to clean up a bit and later on Thomas and Benedict took me for a long drive through many beautiful villages and up to an old castle, which was amazing. I loved this and it was nice to see how beautiful this region really is. Thanks heaps Thomas.

Later on we went to a winery and sampled some wine. Jerome knew the owners and they were very friendly people. It had rained at the castle so I was still quite wet. Then later still we drove back to jeromes before heading out to a restaurant.

At the restaurant I tried some typical french food for this region. I got a bit upset when the guys paid for my meal as they really are such great guys and they are not in any position to do this financially. Thomas is just back from overseas and is broke and I was just a bit emotional about how great they have been to me. I sort of felt bad later on as I have really appreciated all of their help and company and they are all really all very special guys.

My whole Strasbourg experience has been brilliant and I have met so many french people here. It has to be one of my favourite places in France and I owe it all to Eric, Jerome and Thomas who are just unbelievably such great people.

Sorry that my french wasn't so good and Jerome and Eric thanks heaps for the accomodation. My house isnt as nice so when you come to Melbourne dont expect the same conditions. Jerome , thanks man for showing me around Strasbourg as it was an amazing experience and one I will always remember. Also Thomas, Benedict and Jerome thanks heaps for the nice meal and drive. Frederique thanks heaps for being so sensitive and caring ad also for helping me plan my Moroccan journey. Eric I look forward to seeing you again.

Jerome and Eric the beer and wine was so so good. Mz staz was perfect and will live on in mz memories for many years to come. Now its off to Switzerland. Eric took me to the railway station and I caught the train to Basel.

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