Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The train ride towards Lyon was long but very scenic, particularly in the early stages of the journey upon leaving Chamonix. I wished that I had stayed longer in Chamonix as it is a great place to chill and I met some nice people in the hostel where I stayed.

I arrived in Lyon and Romain and Christelle met me at the railway station. It was good to see them again as I hadnt seen them since their visit in Melbourne last year. The train ride had made me tired and it was nice to be around friends.

They took me back to their apartment which is on the fourth floor. It always seems to be that the apartments I stay on are on the top floor. Great fun when you are carrying your backpack. Christelle had dinner for us and it was nice to sit down and chat with them.

The following day I went out exploring Lyon and it is a beautiful city. I walked beside the river and then went to the information centre. They told me that I should see the Bastillica on the hillside and also the Roman ruins. So this is what I did. The ruinbs were good and the views of the city from the Bastillica were sensational although it was a decent hike and later in the day I felt sick. I think I walked too far in the heat of the day. Later I layed down in a park and went to sleep. I had a really bad headache which wouldnt go away.

Later on in the evening Romain, Christelle and myself went for dinner beside the river and then we walked around the town. It was really nice and very scenic. I love the old buildings of Lyon. It is a very beautiful city. The walk did me the world of good.

My last day in Lyon was really nice as I walked beside the river and I explored all the side streets as well. One thing that did happen and I guess its something I will never forget. I was sitting beside the river when a man leapt over the bridge. I was upset by this and as there were many people and ambulance there. I didnt hang around to see if he lived or died. I just hoped he was okay.

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Anne-Sophie said...

I am so happy you take care of your blog ;-)

Nice piccy, happy you love my country!


Anne-Sophie, in Grenoble now