Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bulle, Switzerland

Katrina gave me a lift to Bulle which is a great little town about 30kilometres from Lausanne.
Its funny but its always exciting when you travel to a new place that you dont know much about.
I walked around the town a bit and then went back to the train station.

My mate Jonas who lives in the town met me in the train station and straight away took me to a Belgium beer bar where we drank a few beers with his mates. It was nice beer and great to sit outside in the sun. Then we had a barbeque with his mates by a lake and we drank some aussie wine. It was a really nice place to have a barbeque and his friends are all great people. Also we kicked a football around for a while.

Later that night we went back to the Belgium bar where we had many different types of drinks. There was one drink where you set fire to it and then you can hold your glass upsidedown and it sticks to your hand. This is a photo of his house mate Alex with a glass.

The next day Jaqueline, Jonas' mother took me for a walk beside the river. I was really hungover and wearing sunglasses but it was very good fun the night before. The walk was great and so scenic and it cleared my head for me.

Later on she took me to a swiss restaurant to taste some Swiss food and it was really delicious. Since being in Switzerland and France I have enjoyed tasting all of the local foods.

I met Matthew, Laure and Alex, Jonas' housemates and theay all made me welcome. Alex has the best laugh ever and he is so easy going. Matt is a musician and he is really nice and friendly. Alex made a great rocolette and it was one of the best things I have tasted in my travels.

Jonas was so good to me while I was there and he really looked after me. It was great because I got to see Flurin my last night in Bulle as he had broken his thumb in Japan and has returned for an operation so it was cool to catch up with him before leaving.

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