Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lausanne, Chexbres

I travelled to Lausanne with Stefan and Liah and the train journey was very scenic. I always have to sit facing the way the train is travelling so I dont get travel sick. I have enjoyed watching the people on the trains as they often bring their dogs along for the journey. In Suisse the trains are so clean, maybe thats why they are so expensive. The train ride wasnt so long and before I knew it, I was in Lausanne.

When I arrived in Lausanne I looked around a little and then Mehdi and Chicco met up with me. They are really nice guys who stayed with me in Melbourne, Anyhow they took me on a local train up to where Mehdi lives in Chexbres. It was a stunning ride as you feel yourself going higher. I couldnt believe my eyes as the views were really amazing.

The views of Lake Lausanne are great and it is just so beautiful here. I think I might choose this as a place to live...From Mehdi's loungeroom the views are fantastic and it is just mind blowing. You can see the lake and all the Alps as well. They took me out to a small cafe where we had some coffee and a storm blew in and it was really mystic. I also met Katrina, Mehdis girlfriend who comes from Portugal and she is just lovely.

Later on Mehdi and Chicco took me into Lausanne and we walked around the old part of the city, which is very beautiful. The town has an old cathedral and many old buildings as well. It was very quiet for a Saturday night and we grabbed some pizza to eat. Then they took me to a concert and we saw William White playing. The band was great and we got back home to Mehdis quite late. We had a few cocktails and Im not sure what Medhi put into the drinks but they were great. We stayed up chatting until 3am in the morning.

Chicco and Mehdi were just the same as in Melbourne and Chicco was always clowning around. When I went to bed it was pouring with rain and it was nice to go to bed listening to the sound of rain. Mehdi is really good as you can have really interesting conversations with him. Chicco mucks around alot but you can tell he is a really sincere guy and also sensitive. Katrina has taken good care of me with meals andletting me stay and although she doesnt speak much english, you can tell that she is a really kind and friendly person.

I woke up quite early and its still hard to believe that the views of the lake and the alps are so stunning. We had an easy relaxing morning and then Mehdi drove us all in to buy some cheese for some fondue for tonights dinner. The town we visited was beautiful and also the views were very stunning.

Then we drove back into Lausanne and we met up with Christian, a friend I had met in Darwin and lives in Zurich. He is a really great guy and we went for beers in a pub. We walked around town for a while and later on Christian came back to Mehdis for dinner, We had fondue. Before we had dinner we walked around the town of Chexbres and even though it was a small town it was breathe taking. The views from the loungeroom are of the mountains, lake and also the vineyards that sorround Mehdi and Katrinas apartment.

Medhi, Katrina, Chicco and myself all went to the Olympic museum as it was a cloudy and rainy day. It was really good as it has a history of sport and its a great place to walk around. Also we took the road along the lake which was very scenic.

This is us all outside the museum. It actually had some information about the 1956 Olympic games in Melbourne which was great. It was a cool museum as usually I am the first to get bored in museums but this museum told you lots of information about the Olympic Games and the different types of sports. Later on we went to a restaurant and had icecreams. The best in the world...

Mehdi and Kat took me for a beautiful drive to Montreux, which was having a big Jazz festival. It had such old biuildings and I was lucky enough to see a young Australian band playing. It was a really nice day as we walked around eating icecream and whats even better is that the sun has appeared again. Below is a photo of the Aussie band playing.

In Montreux they had pictures up of all the rock and jazz stars who have visited the festival.
Below are photos of Bob Dylan, B.B. King and also Queen as well. Also there is a photo of me with a statue of Freddy Mercury from Queen. We had a really nice day in Montreux and it is a very beautiful town.

My last day in Chexbres and Chicco showed me around. He took me to meet his lovely family and to also meet his girlfriend. Audrey is so friendly and a really warm person. She made me feel very comfortable and I enjoyed meeting her. This is Chicco with his mother.

I also liked the villages that we drove through as it nice to see a bit more of Switzerland. The photo of me is taken in the fields near Chicco's family house. He just clicked at the right time.

This is Chiccos car. Nice car and it was great to drive along in this except for when he was speeding around the bends. It was good fun though and I loved all the scenic views from the car.

Chicco also took me to the place where he is a tattoo artist and you just need to ask and you only
have to ask to see the tattoo he designed for me.

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