Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Okay so I arrived safely in Casablanca. The first thing I expected to hear was the famous line from the movie Casablanca, Play it again Sam, but unfortunately I didnt. I found a hotel near the bus station and I quickly went out to explore the city. The staff in the hotel are so friendly and I have enjoyed very much chatting with the older Moroccan guys who run the hotel.

Casablanca is a really busy city with lots of hustle and bustle. I like the vibe of the city as it seems to be very trendy and very unlike the more traditional Moroccan towns I have visited so far. My stomach has been a bit dodgy with the Moroccan food so it has been good for me to have some western food for a change. I have enjoyed eating the moroccan soup very much. I love all the cafes and restaurants that line the wide boulavards and streets.

Casablanca also has nice parks and gardens and its great to have a place to retreat to when the fast pace of the city starts to get to you. The Moroccan people here dont harrass you like in Marrakech and I like this. They usually leave you alone. This is something I really like about this city.

Many of my fellow travellers have told me not to visit Casablanca as they said it is too industrial but in a way I am so glad I didnt listen to them as I like this city very much. The people seem to be much gentler here than in the other cities. Maybe its my imagination but Casablanca sends out a positive signal to me.

I visited the gigantic mosque which is amazing and I met some very friendly italian people there who are on a ten day tour of Morocco. I walked to the mosque without eating or drinking so by the time I got there I was hallucinating so maybe the mosque appeared bigger than it really was. I think that I was in such a state that I imagined I was back teaching at school.......hahaha what a nightmare - kidding folks.
The parks and gardens in Casablanca are really nice and not what I expected at all. Everyone told me that Casablanca is very industrial as I said before but I think it also has a beautiful side to it as well. Also it is so much cooler then Marrakech and its good to have some cooler weather for a change.
I met a really great American guy who told me all about the dangers of Morocco. He was very sincere as he is Moroccan born and he told me that a few weeks ago he was held up at knifepoint. Hard to believe but he said it was true. His Moroccan mate was driving this van and it was pretty colorful so I took this photo. Many people tend to tell you the negatives about Morocco but so far it has seemed pretty safe.
I came across many mosques and this one I really liked as it was surrounded by beautiful gardens. Here in Casablanca its possible to sit in the gardens without getting hassled at all. I like the way you can walk down the street without being harassed.

The Moroccan people have been really nice in Casablanca and thats why I decided to stay longer/ Last night I met another guy in the hotel names Amine; must be a common name and he showed me around a bit. It was great as we could hear the song......I live in a place down under...... Its also good as now I have met a few really honest and helpful Moroccan people.

Some of the Moroccans just see tourists as an easy way to make money.... and while I understand why they do this... I hate it. Some of them become quite aggressive when you wont buy from them and they will pretend to be your friend with a hidden agenda which in the end is to get your money.

If it sounds like I am being harsh then so be it... but when you get ripped off because they think you are a stupid tourist then it does hurt and you do become aa bit sick of it. Of course there are many exeptions to the rule as I have met Amine in Casablanca and Amine in Marrakesh and Hicham and Bilal who are all honest and lovely people. I also really like the guys who work in the hotel here in Casablanca as they are such great old guys and lots of fun.

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