Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rabat- the city of beauty.

I arrived in Rabat and found that the bus station was way out of town but luckily some local moroccans told me that I could catch a local bus into the centre. I arrived safely and found a hotel to stay in. Rabat has a nice feel about it and straight away I could tell the locals were friendly.

I phoned Bilal a friend I had met in Marrakech and later that night he took me around Rabat. The top end of Rabat has very wide avenues with beautiful trees and a beautiful fountain. In some ways it reminded me of France. We had coffee in a cafe that was really nice. Later on still we sat in an avenue and we talked more.

The next day Billal took me through the Madina which was great as the Moroccans here dont try to sell you things then after this he took me for a walk beside the river and to the Oudaya which is an old fortress and it has beautiful gardens.

Then he took me to the Rabat beaches where at first we sat up near the walls and drank coke as it has magnificent views of the city of Sale and also of the coast as well. It was so good as we talked alot aboit life in Morocco and also the different customs. He is such a great guy. Later on we stolled along the pathway beside the beach where we passed cafes and a carnival as well.

We then went to a cafe where Bilal bought me lunch and I had tagine vegetables. His friend Saad arrived and he also is a really great guy and we went for a walk. We met up with Bilals mother Mina who is just lovely. She took us to the big mosque but because the king was arriving they got everyone out of the area. We also went to see some Romaan ruins but unfortunately that was closing as well. Later on we went to a beach and strolled aong a path in the fresh night air.

Afterwards we went to a restaurant where we ate brochette, which is a big plate made up of different meats. It was delicious and it was great to eat Moroccan food yet again. Afterwards we went for a walk in the area. I am so lucky to have met Bilal and Mina and Saad. I loved the way Mina drives her car and both of the guys would give her directions and she would ignore them both. It was so so funny and it made me laugh so much. Saads voice is funny and sounds so good. This family is very special and have been a great part of my journey.

I have really loved Rabat and that is because of Bilal, Mina and Saad as they were all fantastic towards me. Rabat is a very beautiful city and next time I come back to Morocco I will visit Rabat for sure. Parts of it have a french feel to it. The locals are just lovely and friendly as well.
Later that night Bilal told me that they would take me to Meknes the following day.

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