Sunday, August 17, 2008


Once we arrived in Meknes I found out I was staying at Zeyneps with everyone. Zeynep is Saads grandfathers second wife and she is such a nice person and so funny. We sat around talking for ages and her house is very beautiful. We also met an elderly neighbour of Zeyneps.

What I loved was that Saad and Billal both listened and talked to her with respect and humour as she told them about her trip to Mecca. I like the way Moroccan people treat the elderly as they seem to enjoy being in their company. Its really beautiful to see.

Later on Zeynep made us couscous and it was so delicious. I have taken some photos of it as it looked and tasted so good. I like Zeyneps laugh very much and I like the way she gives Saad such a hard time in a fun way of course. I also love the way Billal and Saad give each other such a hard time in a friendly way and you can tell that they are very good friends.

Saad then took us for a guided tour around Meknes and he showed us the Royal Palace and we also watched a Moroccan wedding parade which was amazing to see. The city of Meknes is smaller than Rabat but is full of charm. The people are so friendly here and they smile when they talk with you. Its very beautiful.

I managed to buy Zeynep and Mina small gifts and I will buy Bilal and Saad an aussie present each when I get back to Australia.Later on we ate yet again. I cant believe I have met such amazing Moroccan people and my whole perception of the Moroccan way of mife has changed completely. Travel is all about meeting the locals and this is what I have managed to do in Morocco.
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