Friday, August 22, 2008


I arrived in Fes and the first thing that hit me was the heat, memories of Marrakech. It was so so hot. Anyhow I walked from the railway station in search of a hotel and after about seven tries I finally found a hotel to stay in.

The hotel staff are very friendly. The hotel owner is named Mahamed and he is always smiling. Khaled is the guy who works in reception. Ask him any geographical question and he will astound you with his knowledge. I have enjoyed watching the Olympics with them and also chatting to them about Morocco.

The people in Fes are very friendly and staying in this hotel I have met many Moroccan people. The more I learn about Moroccans the more I see the warmth and friendliness of the people. I like the way the people here say welcome to our country and they are so nice in the way they speak.

I visited the medina and a local guy showed me around for a little while. The medina is cool as it is situated in tiny alley ways and it is great just walking up and down and getting lost in them. The people seem a little shy in Fes and havent got the aggression showed by the people in Marrakech. Below is a girl reading from the Keran and the King of Morocco, King Mahamed 6.

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