Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lisbon, Portugal

The night bus ride to Portugal was long and noisy as there were a couple od drunks on the bus and they were singing African songs. I met a nice guy named Pedro from Uruguay on the bus and he was great to talk with. The longer we were in the bus the drunker the african giy became but he was funny as he had everyone cracking up.

When we arrived in Lisbon we spoke with Daniella a girl from Argentina and we caught the metro into the city. The three of us ended up sharing a room in a hotel together. We went out to explore the city togther and we went up to this beautiful castle which had the most amazing views of the city. I liked Daniela and Pedro very much however i felt a bit out of it with them as they spoke spanish alot and I couldnt understand what they were saying. I liked the sound of their voices even if I didnt understand them.

Lisbon is a wonderful city and thee people were so so friendly while i was there. I then travelled to Oeiras. The people working in the hostel were so friendly. It wwas great to just hit the beaches and to meet other backpackers. I mett Benny and Huilya from Germany who are just lovely. We drank a bit of beer and had many funny talks as well as taking many photos of them having their surfing lessons. I also met a great Japanese guy and a chef named Lewis wh Portuguese.

How friendly are the portuguese people. The answer is extremely friendly and they are always smiling. I lovee tthem very much and yes you guessed it I will come back to Portugal for sure. I just love it here. The beaches are clean, the people are genuine and lovely and its been great to meett other travellers here.

Benny and Huliya are a big part of why i have liked it so much as they are gentle people and always laughing and smiling. As well I have met two nice turkish backpackers named Esra and Efie and a German girl named Annette.

I went to Marias house for dinner. To get there I had to catch a ferry from Lisbon across to the other side. Maria and Manuel made me so welcome. Straight away I knew they were lovely people. Maria cooked me a delicious meal, and it was fun to talk with them. Their daughters are so beautiful and it was really great to see a portuguese family in their home. Their apartment is gigantic and i asked Maria to come to Australia to decorate my house. I liked hearing the childrren talk in portuguese. I think both Maria and Manuel are the perffect parents as you see the love and fun that they have with their children and its so so nice. Maria and Manuel gave me a lift back to the hostel.

The next day it was so sad to say goodbye to Benny and Who as they have become good friends and we have spent many hours together. The time we shared was full of laughter. Even if you did let my book geet wet Benny when the tide came in at the beach, you are forgiven. I also liked meeting the turkish girls and Lewis the portuguese guy. I couldnt help but feel really sad as i left them.

The journey continues and for some reason I keep meeting the best people. I will never stop travelling as it is so much more fun than always staying home in Meelbourne. Sure I do miss my dogs, family and friends a lot but its also important to make the most of your life.

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hadn't heard so now I'm on hols thought I'd check your blog - lucky you I loved grenada! so where to after portugal? shaz