Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rennes-Mont St Michel-Saint Malo

It was really sad for me to leave Portugal as the people were so warm and friendly. But going to France is always a delight for me and I just love Paris. My headcold is getting worse. I think maybe I caught it from Jakub, who I travelled with. hahahaha Also I have the added problem that the bed bug bites seem to getting worse and I feel like the elephant man as they are so itchy. Melinda gave me some oil to put on them but I just feel bad about them and I may have to go to see a doctor. Hopefully one who can speak english.

I caught a train to Rennes and my friend Melinda met me at the railway station. Wow what a beautiful city. Straight away she took me to see a special exhibition at Les Champs Libres. It had all of these old fashioned games which we played and also it had a special exhibition of the worlds spiders and also showed photographs from a famous french photographer of people around the world. It was great to arrive and to see this straight away.

We then walked the streets of Rennes, which I have to say is one of the most beautiful cities in France. We eventually ate at a creperie. I ate a galette with ham, cheese and egg as well. It was so tasty. I also had the local cola which I liked as well. The Rennes people seem to be so friendly as it is a university town and it has such good vibes about it.

The following morning Melinda took me to the local flower and food markets. They were so colorful and her brother, Maxime was working at the markets so I got to meet him. Melinda said my french has improved, but maybe I dont agree as I still have the aussie accent. Its great to see Melinda after first meeting her in Melbourne and then again in Wellington. Her apartment is brilliant and full of small tokens of her travels. I also bought some french movies today and Melinda will burn some music for me.

I cant stop thinking about how friendly the french people are in Rennes. They seem to be smiling all the time. Probably they are laughing at the way I use their language so poorly......hahahaha Anyhow I took a bus to Mont St Michel which was really stunning. I had a crepe with sugar there, which is traditional for this area...just delicious. I also took some great photographs along the way.

Then I travelled to Saint Malo which is where Melinda my friend was born. It is a really magnificent coastal town and I met some great German and British backpackers in the hostel. We cooked dinner together and we stayed up chatting. The following morning I walked along the beach into the old city which is so historical and really gorgeous. I think I could easily live in France. I caught the bus back to Rennes, which is now one of my favourite places in France...along with many others.

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