Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ronda and Grenada Spain

It was with great sadness that I left Morocco. I really didnt want to leave and I was reluctant to leave. I met Leah and Vince from Sydney at the wharf area and I spoke with Leah and a moroccan guy on the ferry over.
I just about cried when the ferry set sail as all i could think about were the many great friends that i had made in morocco.

We arrived in Spain and caught a train to Ronda. It was pouring with rain when we arrived and we took shelter for almost an hour. Then we went and found a pension to stay in. The guy in reception was really friendly and I enjoyed trying to learn some spanish from him.
I went out to explore the town which has a beautiful gorge and bridge with stunning views. I liked it very much. I met a nice new zealand girl who was travelling with her english boyfriend. The hotel room was really nice however later on i waas to find out that it was full of bed bugs. My first ever experience with them. I liked Ronda very much and would have liked to have spent longer there as the peeople were so friendly.

The next morning when I woke up I decided to head to Grenada. Grenada is a beautiful town and I liked it very much. Unfortunately I had been bitten by bed bugs and I had marks everywhere. The hostel I stayed in was a bit dodgy as it had these african hanging around outside offering me drugs all the time. But they trurned out to be really nice people: Because of all the bed bug bite marks I felt like I had the measles and I had an early night. I walked thee streets even at night exploring all the alleyways and also the various cathedrals as well. Grenada is a sttunning city and i liked it very much.

I decided the next day to head to Portugal. It was a split minute deecision and its one of the things i love about travel, that you can headd anywhere you like

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