Sunday, May 11, 2008

Arriving In Paris 4-5-2008

Bonjour all, Ca va?

Okay so I arrived in Paris after a very long flight. I had a nice stop over in Singapore, but then the flight was delayed for four hours and they gave us a free meal at the airport. I sat near a really nice french guy on the plane and he was telling me alotabout France. I may meet up with him in Lyon sometime in June.

A ll those things you hear about the people in Paris are not true as they have been so nice to me over here and very helpful as well. I arrived at Jeremys apartment at 3am in the morning and I met his brother and Carlos a really nice guy from the Dominican Republic. The next day I went out exploring Paris. Wow what a city and straight away I was greeted with smiles and happy cheerful people. It has been sunny the whole time I have been here in Paris so I guess I am quite lucky. I have been to all the tourist sights and Ive seen Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower, the Lourve and Arc De Triomphe. Also I have been visiting local markets and also practising my french which is slowly improving.

I moved out of Jeremys apartment and Im staying in Norberts apartment in La Defense. He is a really nice guy to let me stay there as he is currently in Lyon visiting his brother. I know his brother Romain as he couchsurfed with me in Melbourne. I will move back to Paris tomorrow where William a friend I met in South America is letting me stay in his apartment for a week before I head to Bordeaux and then onto Nantes. Its so good of him.

Well so far I have loved France and yes I am slowly learning some french. But I really love it here and I cant speak highly enough of the people. Having a picnic with a group of friends under the Eiffel Tower, walking along the Sienne and just exploring the little market places have been the highlights so far. I cant wait to see Bordeaux and Nante as well. It should be heaps of fun. I have also been lost on the metro a few times and the french people have been great in helping m out. I think they take pity on this aussie guy who seems so lost.
I will keep you informed on my adventures.
A bientot Regards Paul

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Flo said...

Paul ! Ca va ? We're so happy for you that you're having a good time in Paris. Being there at the sunny time is indeed very lucky and it can explain why you're meeting so many smiling faces... :) So good ! Enjoy and don't forget to catch up with Adrien if you ever have the time and will to !