Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vive la Magnifique Bordeaux!!!

Vive la Magnifique Bordeaux!!!

I felt a little nervous upon arriving in Bordeaux and when I hopped off the train I waited for Laura to meet me. It wasn't long before I met Laura and her mother Christine. Laura was at my house in Melbourne when I left for France so she could tell me how Monty and Mollie my dogs were going. Christine is Laura's mother ans she is just lovely. So friendly and so so charming. They took me by car to their beautiful house in Bordeaux where I had lunch. The bedroom I will sleep in is so amazlingly big and the house has a beautiful outside garden with many trees and flowers. Its like staying in a palace. The house was built in the 18th century so it is really old.

I enjoyed practising my really poor french and every word I seem to trip over. Even when Laura tries to teach me new words I seem to mess it all up. I have also lost the sheet that William gave me that had all the french verbs on it so I will have to ask him if he can write them out for me again.

Christine made me a beautiful lunch. It seems that the french eat bigger lunches and not so much for dinner. I like this very much. It was chicken a la franaise and it was delicieux and strawberry pie et wine. Sais mangnifique!

They then took me into Bordeaux which was just amazing. It is such a beautiful city. The building are all extremely old and I loved all of the laneways. The city used to be surrounded by walls and it still has these massive entrance gates everywhere. I took so so many photographs of the buildings and the beautiful fountains. We walked also down to the river and we walked and up towards this massive bridge which was built by Napoleon in the 18th century. Christine watched in amazement as Laura and myself posed for different photos. She must have thought that I was a lunatic, but I guess she doesnt realise we haven't got buildings this old in Australia.

Later on we caught the tram back to the house and they showed me how to use the public transport system. Yes they do have trams in Bordeaux, like Melbourne only much newer. We had dinner and ate many different types of cheeses and we drank some more wine. I love Bordeaux very much and Laura and Christine have been so good to me. It's so much fun catching up with Laura again and we have some laughs. I think that she thinks that I am always lost!!! Ha not so far from the truth!!!!

The following day I explored Bordeaux by myself and I enjoyed laying in the sunshine and practising my french. Laura said it is improving but I'm not so sure. I think perhaps she is being polite. Bordeaux is so amazing and I bought some beautiful postcards. Later in the night Bernard, Laura's father came for dinner and we drank more wine, and no I am not becoming an alcoholic. He taught me some more french and then after dinner he drove all of us around VBordeaux to see the city lights by night. Wow! What an amazing city! So chaarming, so old and so amazingly beautiful.

France has just blown me away with its incredible beauty!

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