Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Cup Runneth Over With Wine....Beautiful Wine!!!

The following day Christine took us out to a little town North-East of Bordeaux. The town was called Saint Emilion. Its a very old little town with beautiful old towers with a type of fort and also a cathedral. The town has vineyards all around it and they are really beautiful.

The buildings are so old and so so beautiful. I can't wait to view the photographs I took. We tried some of the local wine, well I did at least and we walked around the town. It was well worth seeing and I guess you can't come to Bordeaux and not try the wines.

Later on Christine brought us back to Bordeaux and as laura was meeting up with friends I decided to walfk into the town of Bordeaux and look around again. The streets and laneways still fasinate me as they are so old and so beautiful.

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Thomas said...

Bonjour Paul,

I can see that you didn't miss one of the pleasures of Bordeaux, the wine, as you mention it quite a lot in each of your message!!!

Enjoy mon ami