Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bordeaux to Arcachon and Dune de Pilat

The following day Christine was kind enough to take Laura, Emily and myself to Arcachon which is a small coastal town on the Atlantic coast. The drive there was quite scenic and it was great to sit in the car and practise my french. Laura and Christine do a lot for my self-confidence as they keep praising me even though I know I am still really bad. I guess the main thing is I do try.

Arcachon is a beautiful little town and although it was a warm sunny day there weren't really many tourists there. We walked along the beach and also out along the pier. It was nice to take some photographs of all of us and it was also good to see the ocean again.

We didnt really stay long as we wanted to get to Dune de Pilat. The dune was so much bigger than what we expected. Wow it was gigantic. Laura, Emily and myself decided to climb it and it was hard work. We had a laugh while" we climbed up it. The views from the top were just so beautiful. You can see the ocean and also see right along the coast. The dune leads toa narrow strip of sand and it was really like walking in the desert. It was so amazingly beautiful even if my shoes did fill with sand. The sand was very white and looked so beautiful. It was quite windy up there but it didnt deter us from walking along the top of the dune with the ocean on one side and a dense forrest on the other.

When we got back to Bordeaux, I headed off into town to meet up with Stephanie and James, Sandra's cousins. Bandra is a couchsurfing friend who stayed with me in Melbourne. They are the most amazing people. Very warm and straight away I felt as though I had been friends with them for a very long time. First we had some beers in the main square of Bordeaux and then they took me to a bistro where we had a meal and also some wine. Of course the conversation was mainly about travel and it was so exciting to talk to them and to meet others who share my passion with travel and also to meet two great people like them.

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