Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chancelade and Perigueux

Chancelade and Perigueux.

Martine and Alice, Sandra's mama and sister collected me from Bordeaux and took me in their four wheel drive to Chancelade where they live. It was a very beautiful drive and it is so cool to see so much of the countryside. Everything is so green and also so clean. It was really interesting for me to pass through french villages. This region of France as many historical buildings and its so old.

When we arrived I met Michel and him and Martine welcomed me into their house. They are such friendly people and Martine has promised to teach me some french. She doesn't know how bad I am at speaking french...hahahaha. I briefly met Sebastian their neighbour. Oxo their dog is so so beautiful and I think he has warmed to me straight away as almost immediately he starts to follow me. Martine et Michel et myself sat outside beside the big pond and I drank red wine. I bought Michel a bottle of whisky as a present and I bought Martine a book about Australia as I know they want to visit Australia next year. Michel doesn't speak english but its cool as I have to try to communicate in french which is fun as I have a limited vocabulary.

What is amazing is to think I hosted Sandra last year and now her parents are hosting me. For those of you who dont know Sandra she is a french couchsurfer who I hosted in Melbourne with Laura last year. They are both really lovely girls who are very different in personality but both verymy first night in Chancelade as the bed is very comfortable. I love being out in the countryside very much. Martine took me into Perigueux and it was pouring with rain which for some strange reason made it all the more beautiful. First we went to La Post, where I sent a ca nice people.

I slept really well rd home and also a cd that containing all my photos from Paris and Bordeaux on it. Martine told me I have to practice french so I went into the lady and said , " Bonjour, je voudrais un timbre s'il vous plait" The biggest surprise of all was that the lady understood me. Martine encourages me all the time.

Then we walked around Perigueux. Wow what a city. The buildings are so ancient and I love it very much. We walked down laneways in the rain and we got drenched but no worries. It was well worth it. I took many amazing photos of the Cathedral which looks brilliant. You guys must be so tired of me saying how beautiful France is, but trust me it is. When we were well and truly soaked I asked martine could we go and get some cafe and we went to a friend of hers cafe. Once again Martine sent me in to order the cafe and tea in french. "Je voudrais un cafe et tea s'il vous plait" Okay so a little wrong but I am trying really hard.

Afterwards we drove back into Chancelade and I went into the boulengerie to buy some bread and i said, "Bonjour , je voudrais deux baguettes s'il vous plait." The young girl serving me had a nice smile and I think that the french really have a respect that you try to use their language. "Merci beaucoup." is my favourite saying and it sounds better than "Thanks heaps" which is what I am used to saying in Australia. The baguettes in France are my favourite, and I hate to say it but the bread, pastries and cheese that is made in france is far superior to that made in Australia.

We then drove back to Chancelade where Oxo met us with a wagging tail at the front door. He is such a gorgeous dog and I want to take him back to Australia as I think he and Monty would be great mates.

Martine made lunch for me and we had a vegetable dish, baguette, cheese and of course vegemite. I think perhaps the vegemite detroys the taste of the baguettes. The lunch went down so well with a glass of red wine. French wine is also really good. I still love aussie wine but I must admit I love french wine. Martine and myself watched some of the French Open tennis on television in the afternoon as it was still raining outside.

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