Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Lifestyle and People of Bordeaux

The Lifestyle and People of Bordeaux

Reflecting upon my time in Bordeaux brings me great happiness as the people here have been so nice to me.

Christine who is Laura's mother is just the most lovely lady. She tries hard to teach me french and she doesn't get frustrated when I keep getting things wrong, and she enjoys speaking english as well.

Christine has made me feel so so welcome in her house. She has also driven me around, taken me to the vineyards and the big sand dune and always been so positive and so smiling. I owe her a great deal and hopefully when she comes to Melbourne I can show her around.

Laura has also been wonderful. We have become good friends and I'm sure when I return to Australia we will remain good friends as well. Her friend Emily is just lovely and she cooked a really nice dinner for me as well as introducing me to friends of hers. She is a down to earth fun person.

Steph and James, Sandra's cousins are so cool and introduced me to many couchsurfing friends. They are a really genuine couple and I love their positive outlook on life. They seem to be ever smiling and so easy going. I like their zest for life.

The people of Bordeaux are super friendly. It seems to be a very young city and the people seem happy to meet travellers. I love the little smiles they give when a silly australian guy destroys their language completely. They seem bemused when you attempt to speak french and go out of their way to help you.

I have loved the food and wine of Bordeaux, thanks to Christine and Laura. I have also loved hearing music in the streets and watching street performances as well.

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