Monday, May 19, 2008

Going to Borrdeaux!!!!!!!

It was a bit sad meaving Paris as Id been there for two weeks and had the time of my life. The people I had met were awsome and all the time good things seemed to happen. Anyhow it was time to leave Paris at least for the moment.

The one thing I had failed to write about was that there was a big thunderstorm on my last night there. Also my friend Laura had told me that all the museums had free entry just for this one special night of the year so I decided to have a look at the Louvre, and i loved all the sculptures and of course the Mona Lisa which really wasnt all that special. For those of you who know me I have a very short attention span and after about two hours in the louvre I was ready to see a different museum. Next, I went to The Centre National d Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou. This museum houses a lot of modern art and some of the art work was fascinating. It was free which for me was great as usually the museum prices in Paris are quite expensive.

It was a good way to spend my last night in Paris and I was home just before midnight as I had an early train to catch for Bordeaux the following morning.

I arose very early and Bernard took me into the train station. The train journey took about three hours and it was great to sit and gaze out of the window watching the french countryside roll by. it's a really beautiful country. Some of the villages that i passed through were so beautiful but the train was tralling so quickly that it was impossible to take any photographs. After a three hour journey I made it to Bordeaux. Beautiful Bordeaux!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Paul from Czech republic from Lucka, Leo and our newbornbaby Edita. We miss your company and dogs and thinking about travels in Syria and also in Australia especially Melbourne :-) Enjoy travels and if you happen to be in Czech rep. visit us! Good luck! France is wonderful.