Thursday, May 29, 2008

Perigueux to Beauronne to Chateau-L'eveque to Brantome to Bourdeille

Martine took me out to see the sights around her town and our first stop was Perigueux. It was a shame as my camera battery died. It was "sais dommage" Perigueux is a very beautiful town and it had markets open, so it was so cool to visit them. They had clothes and food for sale. Its great that Martine gets me to buy things in french as I lack confidence in speaking with the locals.
We then returned home and I recharged my batteries, which was cool.

Later on Martine drove me out to Beauronne, which is such a cool little village. It has very old buildings and is a sleepy little country town. I loved this village very much and we walked through the town with Oxo, the family dog who I just adore. "Jem Oxo" The village has a little village running through it and it was so quiet and peaceful.

Next Martine took me to Chateau-L'eveque which was so so beautiful. I cant explain in words how stunning this village is and I loved it very much. It has an old castle and Martine, Oxo and myself walked through the town. It had a really old bakery and it was beautiful to walk beside the river. The laneways and the sstreets were so gorgeous and I would be surprised if my photographs can capture the true beauty of this town.

Then we went to Brantome which had also a beautiful old monastry. We tasted some of the local cheese, five different types and they were all delicious however, Martine told me they were far too expensive so we didnt buy any. We walked beside the river and it was nice to explore the town. I must admit I feel so much more secure having Martine with me.

Finally Martine took me to Bourdeille, which is yet another old village with two beautiful castles. It was very stunning and it seems to be a haven for young inspiring artists. The streets are cobble-stoned and very very beautiful.

We returned home and briefly saw Alice, Sandra's younger sister. Michel had returned from work and was mowing the lawns. We all went over to Sebastian and Stephanie's house for drinks and dinner as Stephanie's mama Viviane had cooked us a morocan dinner. Sebastian kept filling my glass with red

wine. They are such great people and so so lovely. Friends of theirs also called in and I met Bruno 'La prune and Nathalie and Jeantout and Tonio. They were so great to meand Sebastian was so funny as all he could say in english was "Sit down and shut up!" hahaha The moroccan dinner that Viviane made was so beautiful and wow I can't wait to visit Morocco. Viviane was so lovely as she sat down later and told me where to visit in Morocco.

I forgot to mention that Sebastian and Stephanies daughter is named Lola. She is the most gorgeous little girl and so so intelligent. You can tell that everybody around around here loves her so much. I gave her a kangaroo as a present and in french she said she would take the kangaroo to bed with her. You could tell she loved the kangaroo very much.

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