Monday, June 23, 2008

Aix En Provence to Cannes and Nice

On the bus I sat next to a beautiful french girl named Julie who is studing to become a french teacher. She was lovely and she taught me more french with another student names Liza. Both very beautiful women. They wrote down some french musicians for me and also listed some french movies to watch.

I arrived in Nice and it was extremely hot. Finally found a backpackers and it overlooked the city of Nice as it is very high up in a mountain. Lovely views and great people staying here. I met Jennes from Berlin, Penny from the UK and Manos from France. Menos will represent France in the Olympic Games later this year in Athletics and he is such a nice guy.

We sat up talking about our experiences in France and we had some wine together. Jennes loaned me his book on Morocco so that I could write down some information as I will head there soon. Penny is on a world trip and I will meet up with her later in the year in Melbourne.

The following day I went swimming at the beach for most of the day. Beautiful clear water and it was so nice to just have a relaxing day at the beach. It wasnt the main beach so it wasnt so crowded. In France something that amazes me is the way french people on the beach will come and put their towels right beside you. hahaha they dont seem to like their space like aussies do. The people in Nice havent been the friendliest. They seem to be sick of tourists and they dont seem to smile very much. Not sure why this is as they live in a beautiful city, have lots of sun and amazing beaches. I even had a guy mimick my poor french in an internet cafe. At least I do try to speak french, even if it is poor.

In the hostel I met many great French people including Jean-Pierre who is a great guy and we talked a lot and drank some wine together as well. He was staying in the same dorm as me. I was telling him all about couchsurfing. The following morning I caught a train towards Grenoble.

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Anonymous said...

G'day mate ! :-)
I see that you find on your way little angels who take care of you...
Are you improving you french ?
I intend to subscribe at "couchsurfing" in september if I'm a teacher. It's so nice !
I'll follow your steps, attention à toi, Julie.
(still waiting for The Results ...)