Thursday, June 26, 2008


What a surprise when I arrived in Grenoble. I wasnt prepared for the friendliness of the Grenoble people and I guess I would have to say this city has been one of the highlights of my journey through France.

The train trip to Grenoble was long but scenic as it took me back around the coast and there were some stunning sights along the way. This old lady sat next to me and she attempted to teach me french. hahaha I didnt realize but I had to change from the train to a bus and I didnt have a clue where to go. Just when I was starting to panic, the little old lady appeared and gestured for me to follow her. She took me to the bus and she sat next to me. She is my hero. What a beautiful thing to do.

Grenoble seems like a great city and I stayed in a park for a few hours before Anne returned home. Her apartment is beautiful and Anne loves to travel so we talked and talked and she taught me some more french. What a cool girl and so lovely. She cooked me a nice dinner and we sat out on the balcony and ate. We talked about France and Australia and also about Africa.

I met an american girl named Susan when I went up in the cable car to explore the Bastille and she was so so great. We chatted all about travel which was fantastic and Susan was eversmiling. We walked around exploring the town and we encountered many smiling french people.

Later on in the night we went past Chambery and to a little village called Chignin. I met Aurelia and Olivier who are heading to Australia next week. They were lovely and we went for a quick walk to see the surrounding area of the town which is surrounded by the french alps. It was a late night as we chatted so much and I loved listening to their french. Aurelia cooked a delicious meal and its so nice to experience so much french food. Olivier was funny and he has the best laugh ever.

The following day I arranged for Aurelia and Olivier to stay with my sister in their house in Melbourne. They live in a National Park so it will be a sweet experience for them. Aurelia came and collected me and we went to Villard de Lans. It was very beautiful. Wow what a great time I have had in Grenoble and the surrounding area. I cant thank Anne enough for the time and care she took in showing me around, and eventhough she was busy with work she spent so much of her time with me. Thanks heaps Anne and I hope to see you and Nicholas in Australia.

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