Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The train ride from Perpignan was eventful and as usuaul I met many good people. I met two guys and a girl and their dog. Their names were Matthew, Porpoise and Lulu. Anyhow they were the most friendly people. They offered me some wine, which I gladly exepted and they told me that all three of them live in tents.

They were heading to Marseille for a holiday but they didnt buy train tickets. Anyhow I sat with them and they were just so nice and you could tell that they were very special people. Unfortunately the ticket inspector came on board and he fined them 60 euros each and 15 euros for the dog as well. They were so nice I felt so bad for them but they all laughed and said they wouldnt pay the fine anyway.

My fist impression of Marseille was that the people werent so friendly however I couldnt have been more wrong. I made my way to Jess and Rafs apartment and I think my backpack may have lnocked a french woman as she was glaring at me. The people on the tram could have moved down a bit for me to make room but unfortunately I was stuck in the doorway blocking peoples paths.

Finally I got to meet Jess and Raf, who are such great people. Their apartment is really nice and they made me feel very welcome. I sat up talking to them and jess made me some dinner.

The next day I set out very early to explore Marsielle. I had the best day possible as there was a special photography exhibition on showing different people from different countries and I loved it very much. It was in the wharf area which is just beautiful. Later on I watched the beach volleyball, wow the french are good at this. Later on still I explored the streets of Marseille taking many photographs along the way. I met a couple of french tourists who lived in the next town to Gildas parents so I told them all about my travels and they seemed impressed. They were very nice people.

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