Sunday, June 15, 2008


I travelled to Carcassonne by train. I met this great french guy Alec, at the Toulouse Railway station and he is a musician. As it turns out he was sitting near me on the train and we chatted the whole way. He grew up in Nepal and now lives in Carcassonne. Anyhow he showed me all around town when we arrived and he was such a down to earth guy. I finally walked to the youth hostel which is inside an old castle. Wow it looked so amazing and is a highlight of my journey. I walked around the castle and some of my photographs should be amazing.

The people in the hostel were so friendly and I shared a dorm with two canadian guys. I also met a couple of other really nice Canadians there as well. Anyhow I had dinner with many travellers before taking a night walk around the town.

The next day Alec met me and we went to the local makets to buy fruit and vegetables for his grandparents. He is such a great person. Then went back to the hostel where I spoke to a Japanese guy and he walked with me to the alway station.

Unfortunately my train was cancelled but I couldnt understand the french, so I had to exchange my ticket which caused a few anxious moments but eventually I caught the train to Perpîgnan in the south of France. I sat next to the most beautiful girl I have ever met in my whole life and she spoke some english. hahaha Im in love in France. Just kidding, she was really nice and very helpful.

The train pulled into Perpignan and I wondered what adventures lay ahead.

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