Sunday, June 15, 2008


Romain's mother Fransoise met me at the railway station and although she doesnt speak English and my french is still bad we were able to communicate. The town looks amazing and as I had met some locals on the train I thought that the french people in this town would be friendly.

Fransoise is such a lovely lady and she drove me to her house in town. She has two cats and a gorgeous little dog named Kelly who reminds me of Monty. Her house is so so nice.

I spoke with Romain and Christelle on the telephone and then Fransoise took me to a music talent concert in an old castle. Wow it was amazing as the young french singers had such amazing talent and the music and singing was beautiful. Clement, the son of a friend of Fransoise was in the competition and I sat watching with the whole family. They cheered and clapped when he went onto the stage. They also had a Cabaret act on and it was such a brlliant night. We got back at about 1 am in the morning and I loved every minute of the night. I forgot to mention Fransoise showed me around the Castle which was beautiful.

The following day I walked around Perpignan and walked up all the alley ways exploring the city. I found a Moroccan market which was very colourful. Then I continued on and finally managed to walk back to Franoise's house. She took me to the beach about 10kms away and we went down to where the boats were anchored and also to see the foreshore. Also we walked out onto the pier as well and spoke to a fisherman. Kelly, Fransoises dog came with us and was really active in running around. Not like Montie and Mollie who are getting old.

It was sad to leave Perpignan as I liked Romain and Norbert's mum very much and although she couldnt speak english and I couldnt speak french we managed to understand each other and have a laugh. She was so so good to me.

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