Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nantes to la Plaine Sur Mer

I arranged to meet Gildas sister Claudine in Nantes and as I couldnt understand her when we spoke on the telephone I wasnt really sure if I was catching the tram in the right direction. hahaha yes I am always lost.

Finally I found the swimming pool where she works and I met up with her. Claudine is so so nice and she has a smile as big as Gildas. She drove me 50 kms to her home near the ocean where her and her husband and three children live. They were all so friendly and welcoming and straight away I liked all of them. Her husbands name is Jacki and her children are Carmela, Niels and Phillipine. They all made me feel at home and Jacki cooked me a beautiful dinner.

Then we went bicycle riding through the little town and along the coast. I played a bicycle racing game with Niels where I pretended it was Australia racing against France. Me against him, but I lost!

Its such an amazing area. I felt a bit guilty as Niels gave up his bedroom so I could sleep in it.
The following day Claudine took me to see the area and along the coast. It is so beautiful but unfortunately her car broke down with a flat tyre and this french guy pulled up and helped us. So nice and so friendly.

Claudine then took me into Nantes where we saw this museum which displayed artistic and creative designs that were so amazing. The huge walking elephant made from wood and wires was incredible and I took some good photographs.

I had lunch at the swimming pool with Claudine and the children. A couple of the swimming instructors came out to talk to me in english. Its funny but I miss speaking english with my friends back home and it is difficult to learn french.

Then walked around the town of Nantes seeing the sites. Lots of statues and lots of art. It looks so amazing. It is so so beautiful and old.

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