Thursday, June 5, 2008

Back to Bordeaux and onto Nantes

Martine and Alice took me back to Bordeaux where James cooked us a beautiful meal. It was so delicious and spicy as well. Then we took a walk around Bordeaux together where we encountered this drunk guy who was really quite aggressive towards James. It was good that I couldnt understand what the man was saying in french. James handled the situation well.

We went to a cafe for drinks and it was nice sitting out in the sunshine. I met Kirk a friend of James who worked in the cafe. Then we walked down to the river and it was so beautiful.

It was sad to say goodbye to Martine as she has been so nice to me. She has taken me to so many places and really taken care of me. Also Oxo is just the best dog and I felt really emotional to say goodbye to him. I felt like crying. He must be the most intelligent and beautiful dog in the world as he has such a great nature. I waved goodbye in the street to Martine, Alice and Oxo.

James and Steph took great care of me and I felt at home in their apartment. They have so much energy and I like them heaps. James is so bubbly and Steph is so beautiful, she just has warmth oozing out of her. I loved seeing their photos of India. I also caught up with Pia, a german friend of theirs who is teaching in France. She has the most amazing smile which is really beautiful.

I bumped into Ane Sophie, a friend of Lauras the following day and she invited me to her friend Gaels apartment. It was great to sit and drink cafe and then I said goodbye to Ane Sophie and I stayed at Gael's for lunch and he cooked garlic chicken. He would have to be one of the nicest guys I have ever met as he was so interesting to talk to. It would be great if he came to visit me in Melbourne as I liked him so much. I liked the way he is so open and for such a young guy he is so honest about his feelings. Ane Sophie is also lovely as well and I hope to catch up with her also.

The following day I caught the train to Nantes, which was a task in itself as I couldnt understand the french announcments on the train and I was worried that I was heading in the wrong direction hahahaha. It all worked out well as this young guy started to chat to me about Australia and a girl sitting opposite joined us as well.

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