Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I left Nantes by train and made my way back to Bordeaux. I had such a great time up North with Gildas family taking good care of me. The highlights being many but staying with his parents in a small country french village was brilliant, cycling beside the river and heading to a music festival was another highlight, staying with Claudine and her family annd seeing a french family in their day to day life was another highlight and of course the beach party was great fun as well. It was with sadness that I left the North.

Finally I arrived back in Bordeaux and I mer up with Steph and James who were just the same happy and friendly. I walked around the city a little lore to have one last look at it and I had a great talk with Steph. She really is a special person.

The following afternoon I boardered a train heading south to the city of Toulouse. I had heard many good things about Toulouse from friends so I was feeling quite excited. I arrived at the train station and I walked to Steff's apartment. Her apartment is very beautiful and set out really nicely. She sleeps in a sort of loft and I love the layout of her apartment.

Later that night Steff showed me around Toulousse. Wow she really knows her city and it is so so beautiful. She knows a lot about the history of the city and also she took me to see some beautiful places. We walked beside the river and down all these narrow streets. Toulousse is a university town so it has a good vibe to it. Later on we had these beautiful pizzas in a little cafe and Steff talks a lot about french people and the french culture which is good for me.

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