Friday, June 6, 2008

Plaine sur mer to Nantes to Ancenis to Le Marillais

I walked around Nantes looking at all the sites before catching the train to Ancenis. A nice lady on the train told me where to get off so that I wouldnt get lost. Jean Luc was there at le gare to meet me and he drove me to his maison in le Marillais. I met Gaby, Gildas mama and they both made me feel so welcome.

Their maison is very beautiful and straight away I felt very at home in their house. Their cat "puss" took an instant liking to me. They have a beautiful big garden in the back yard and many vegetables growing in it.

That night Gaby cooked me a beautiful french dinner and I drank wine which was so beautiful. The french hospitality has been so great and te people seem always to be excited to meet an australian. It was nice to meet Gildas parents as I got on so well with him in Australia. As it turns out I am sleeping in Gildas old bedroom. I didnt realise he was such an athelete and also rode motorbikes as well when he was younger.

The next day Gaby and Jean Luc took me bicycle riding. First we rode through their little village of Le Marillais. I saw a little church and it is such a sleepy little village. It is great. Then we cycled to Nicole and Pierrot maison which is also beautiful. Nicole speaks some english. We then rode our bikes along side the riviere la loire which is one of the biggest rivers in France.

The bicycle ride was scenic and we passed churches and an abby on a hill. It looked fantastic. We crossed over two big bridges and we went to Varades where we saw a festival which was all about the conservation of the river la loire.

Later that night we went to a musical festival which was brilliant. It had people flying through the air playing violins and was unreal. It also had a great deal of street music with a parade and it was so much fun.

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Ryan and Scott and Deutschland said...

Thanks for taking us on your journey - you are a true inspiration!